Water Level Controllers


       Customers can avail from us a wide range of Water Level Controllers. These are engineered using advance technologies that help us ensure their better performance. Made in accordance with international industrial standards, our range is acclaimed for better performance and long service life. These are available in different ranges including Water Level Controllers, Automatic Water Level Controllers, Liquid Level Controllers, Pump Automation, Pump Controllers and Water Level Indicators.


Deluxe Model



Front Facia of Deluxe Model

• Shows clear indication of water levels in the overhead tank and sump tank

• Shows Voltage variation if any in the left bottom corner, it show green indicator for normal

voltage, red indicator for high or low voltage.

• Has push to ON/OFF switch to select AUTO/MANUAL operations.

• Show motor ON indication with different colours at different modes of unit. It shows Green

indication in case of Auto mode, Orange indication in case of manual mode and Red indication

while motor is under dry run condition.

• Has Soft touch "NEED" button to switch ON the motor irespective of any level in the

overhead tank.

• Has Soft touch "SILENCE" button to mute the audio Alarm while motor is under dry run


• Shows Green indication upward arrow indication for flowing of water into the overhead tank.

• Shows Red indication near the overhead tank with beep sound for overflow of water.

•When the water reaches maximum level in the overhead tank.
•When there is a low voltage or high voltage
•When the water in the sump goes below foot valve
•When the water stops flowing to the overhead tank.
•When the switch is in "OFF" position.

switches "ON" the motor if :

•The water in overhead tank falls to prefixed low level i.e., below 75%, 50%, 25% as adjusted.
•The sump is full irrespective of any levels in the overhead tank.
•The switch is in manual position.

Gives Alarm:
•When there is voltage fluctuation.
•When the motor is under dry run condition due to foot valve blockage or priming fault in motor.
•When water overflows from the overhead tank at "MANUAL" mode.
Economy Model

Front Facia of Economy Model

•Shows Power ON indication
•Shows flow of water into the overhead tank.
•Shows overhead TANK LOW & full indication.
•Shows sump tank low & full Indication.
•Shows Motor ON indication.
•Shows Dry Run indication at the time of motor running dry.
•Has side switch for to operate power ON, Power OFF, & By Pass.

This Economy model Suits only for Single Phase Motor Up to 1.5HP.


Economy Model has less features which fulfill customer satisfaction.
•This Model Puts on the motor when the water comes below tank low & puts off the
motor when the water reaches TANK HIGH.
•Before filling the over head tank if the water in the sump comes below sump low,
immediately this model puts OFF the motor.
In this model, if motor gets on & if water doesn't reaches over head tank due to some priming fault in the motor, immediately this model switches OFF the motor & gives dry run in red indication & gives continuous alarm to draw customers attention. To put OFF the alarm press MUTE button. By pass switch is used to operate the motor directly when the model is under problem
Double Tank AUTO ON
     This model shows the levels of the two no. Overhead tanks. From borewell / sump / well usually the motor gets ON & goes to first over head tank & fills that tank & gets over flow & that over flow water falls to second over head tank & after filling that overhead tank our model puts OFF the motor.      This model shows 2 nos. levels of first over head tank & 2 nos. level of second over head tank when water comes below prefixed level either in 1st over head tank or in 2nd over head tank the motor gets on. Fills 1st over head tank & then overflows to 2ndover head tank & after reaching 100% in the over head tank if puts OFF the motor.
Sump & Bore Auto Change Over
     This Model Controls sump Motor & Borewell Motor & one no over head tank.When The water in the OVER HEAD TANK comes below prefixed level:-
•This Model Puts ON sump motor & fills the OVER HEAD TANK & puts OFF the motor when water reaches 100% of the OVER HEAD TANK.
•If there is no water in the sump immediate it shifts to borewell. & puts ON borewell
motor. If water comes to the sump immediately it shifts to sump & sump motor operates..
•If continuously sump motor running & water is not getting empty in sump. If you need
the borewell motor to get on change the position of the optional switch which is provided in the unit & borewell motor runs all the time. Again to come back change the optional switch again.
Timer with Controller
    This is totally a special Deluxe Model which has the function of DELUXE MODEL With etc., in built timer. This model is used only for the broewell motor where the water source is very very less. Water comes for 10 or 15 mnts & again source starts after 1hour or 2hour & as actual. This model can be tuned to MOTOR ON from 2.5 minutes to 1hour & MOTOR OFF from half an hour to 10 hours.     In this duration of MOTOR ON unexpectedly if water source falls down, immediately our's dry run prevention will be activated & puts OFF motor immediately other wise if source is good, motor will be on up to motor on time tuned as actual.
Water Level Indicator
    This Model indicates 4 levels of overhead tank only. If water reaches 100% of OVER HEAD TANK this model gives continuous alarm directing to put OFF the motor & if water comes below 25% of OVER HEAD TANK, it gives continuous alarm directing to put on the motor. To put OFF the alarm, Press MUTE soft touch button. .

10 Levels Water Level Indicator
    This Model works as like Water Level indicator.Only the difference is it shows 10 levels Indicator.
Digital Water Level Indicator
    This Model Shows level Indication in digital 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100%. As usual if the water in the OVER HEAD TANK comes below 20% continuous alarm comes & if the water reaches 100% in the OVER HEAD TANK continuous alarm comes. Manually we have to switch ON & switch OFF the motor at that time. To switch off the Alarm press soft touch button.